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3rd Corporate Beach Tennis League

The League welcomes teams from all around Puerto Rico on all playing levels

Registration ends: CLOSED

Season begins:  June 17th, 2023


ITF & Team Cup with a twist

All teams are secured 6 Matchups on alternate Saturdays.

Matchups are composed of 3 matches:

1. Men's match = 1 Set (first to 6 games)

2. Women's match = 1 Set (first to 6 games)

3. Mixed match = 2 Sets (first to 6 games) with tie breaker if 1-1

Team that wins 2 of 3 matches, wins the matchup.

Teams select their preferred participants for each set.

Minimum Participants:

Each team should have at least 2 females and 2 males.

No limit of maximum participants per team.


Eco Sports Park, San Juan or TBD in Metro Area

Playing Days:

2 Matchups per Saturday on:

-June 17th

-July 8th

-July 22th

Rainout Dates: July 29th, 2023*

Playoffs: August 5th, 2023*


*Dates subject to change.

Itinerary: Matchups will be played from 9am-5:30pm. Itineraries will be created after registration period closes.

Preferred Play Levels**

  • Recreational - For teams who are beginning to play beach tennis or who just want to have a good time.

  • Competitive - For teams that have more experience or are more agile and want to play harder while also having fun.

**Preferred Play Level is only used as a guide to divide teams on divisions based on preferences, but all Metro Sports leagues are purely recreational, unless specified otherwise. Selecting a preferred play level won't ensure the team will play 100% only with teams on the same level.

Teams will be divided on different divisions inside the Recreational or Competitive categories. The divisions cross on playoffs. 


The top teams with the best overall record from each Division will advance to the playoffs. In the event teams are tied with the same record, the following tie breakers will be used to determine the standings:
1. Head-to-head (H2H)
2. Matches Won/Loss Difference
3. Games Won

Includes: 6 Regular Season Matchups, 6 Team Shirts (only for registration with shirts), Online Standings, Itinerary, & More. 

Additional team shirts can be purchased separately.


  • Bring your own equipment (rackets and balls)

  • All participants must fill out individual waivers.

  • All participants must wear team uniform with company logo

  • Teams must make sure to have participants available to play on each Match Day prior to registering.


"If you have any questions, send

me an email. I'd love to help."

Keren Acevedo

League Commissioner


3rd BT Corpo Itinerary


Athens Division - Standings

3rd BT Corpo Standings

Rome Division - Standings

Sparta Division - Standings

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